Monday, June 28, 2010

Well I've been too busy preparing for Sunday's fair to post much on this blog except for weather updates, so apologies for the lack of information being posted!

The fair on Sunday was a huge success! We had a fantastic turnout considering the threat of rain and we were lucky that it didn't actually start pouring until we were doing the clean-up and everybody was having a great time.

Unfortunately, we had to cancel the evening concert in the park because of the rain, but hopefully the weather will be more cooperative next time.

The live music was absolutely incredible! Here's Abigail & Shira singing versions of some favourite kid's songs. Really beautiful.

The kids enjoyed an obstacle course, races, a bouncy castle, and face painting which was provided by Five Points.The faces were total works of art.
Thanks to Chloe and dad Andrew. Great work guys!

We had Amazing volunteers, (a special thanks to those who helped pack everything away in heavy rain -- we didn't even get all of your names!).

The races and obstacle course were a great success (thanks Rachel for all your hard work). Plus, that must have been the best Tug-of-War of all time! If anybody got a photo of Joe Mihevc and all the muscle-men getting taken down by the ferocious kids please send it in to!

The food from the bake sale was delicious, and the vendors brought some beautiful jewellery, clothing, accessories and art pieces.

The incredible Mark Weinstock gave an all-time high with a kids concert that had them all jumping, flying and laughing thier heads off.

We had a surprise treat with Manny who was just walking by and asked what we were doing in the park and offered to come back in his tux and do free balloon animals for the kids (thanks Man!) He has an amazing program that he runs that trains other teenagers to do what he does as a way of getting involved in positive community service and activities.

Chris Chopik did a great paddle-making demonstration and made the coolest paddle and then generously donated it to our silent auction.

There was soooo muuuuuch bouncy castle bouncing!!!

Ellie and I are so blown away by the turnout, the help and that the weather held out just long enough! Thanks to Joe Mihevc and his staff for making it possible. Thank you Arlington Village for a phenomenal day!

Thank you Five Points!

We are now working to make the next fair (on the last Sunday in July) even better than this one by learning from what worked and what didn't and we can see that we need more help!

Volunteers were crucial in the making of it all, and we will need lots for this next one as we can only ask our families to run stations and games for so long! Please if you would like to help, vend or contribute in any way please get in touch as soon as possible. We already met some great musicians who want to play for the next two fairs, and we have some more vendors interested as well as the possiblity of adding a farmer's market to the mix as well with lots of fresh beautiful produce.

See you there!


  1. A big thanks also to Ari Kagen for being our sound man for all of the music, thank you so much Ari, it wouldn't have worked without you!

  2. Also, thanks to Joe Mihevc and Beth and his whole staff for making it all possible!

  3. Great photos. Fantastic event! Thank you.